Welcome to the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) website on Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity encompasses technologies such as broadband, local and wireless networks, as well as standards and processes which help protect networks, computers, systems and information from attack, damage or unauthorized access. With an unprecedented reliance on computers and the Internet, we all share in protecting our information and interconnected way of life. DoIT strives to promote cybersecurity awareness by providing this one-stop site for computer and Internet safety including security updates, alerts, and resources for New Hampshire citizens, businesses, academic institutions, and government.

    New Hampshire Cyber Integration Center

    The New Hampshire Cyber Integration Center (NHCIC) is the unified state center for coordinating cybersecurity between and among executive branch agencies and departments. The NHCIC is staffed with personnel responsible for cybersecurity operations including monitoring networks, threat analysis, information sharing, and coordinating Response Activities.

    New Hampshire Cyber Incident Response Plan

    The State of New Hampshire’s Cyber Incident Response Plan (CIRP) provides an executive level framework to effectively respond to and recover from cyber incidents while minimizing impact to State Agency operations, reputation, and ability to deliver essential government services.

    CISO's Take