SLCGP Bulletin - February 2024

February 05, 2024

State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP)

The first year of the SLCGP has been well received across the State.  Each red dot on the map represents a request for service(s). The services are summed up “by the numbers” in the charts.  


Map of NH Executive Councilor Districts with dots showing the location of entities that requested SLCGP services.
State Map with Requests for Services by District


A pie chart showing FFY22 Requests for SLCGP Services in NH.
Requests for SLCGP Services by Entity Type


A Pie Chart showing requests for Hardware Tokens for Multifactor Authentication.
Requests for Hardware Tokens by Entity Type


A pie chart showing what type of entity requested security training for their employees.
Requests for Security Training by Entity Type


A pie chart showing what type of entities requested .GOV in a Box services.
Requests for .gov Migration Support by Entity Type


SLCGP Moving Forward:  

All projects from FFY2022 were approved by FEMA and CISA for continuation with increased funding levels in New Hampshire’s FFY2023 SLCGP Application.  Additionally, the Municipal Cyber Defense Program (MCDP) was added as a project to increase funding levels and continue the real outcomes at the local level for cities, towns, K12s and other eligible entities.  The information was reviewed at the G&C Breakfast meeting on 1/31/2024.  

The Department of Safety was then granted accept and expend of this Grant Funding (Item 121) and will bring a request to transfer the dollars to DoIT.  DoIT will bring an Accept and Expend request to the next G&C meeting and if approved, the SLCGP will expeditiously begin procurement of services for municipal organizations and K12s across the State.