New Hampshire Cyber Integration Center

The New Hampshire Cyber Integration Center (NHCIC) is authorized under Executive Order 2016-06.

The NHCIC shall:

  • serve as the unified state center for coordinating cybersecurity monitoring, sharing information, performing cybersecurity threat analysis, and promoting shared and real-time situational awareness between and among executive branch agencies and departments;
  • be located within the Incident Planning and Operations Center managed by the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and will integrate state employees from various agencies whose shared responsibilities include the monitoring of networks, sharing of information and situational awareness, and coordination of response, mitigation, and recovery efforts to protect against cyber-attacks and secure private personal information;
  • manage all known or suspected cybersecurity incidents within state agencies, or within any vendor acting as an agent of the State; and
  • establish the NHCIC Executive Oversight Committee (NHCIC OC) to oversee the operations of the NHCIC and the implementation of its strategic plan and governance

All executive departments and agencies shall:

  • identify an employee to spearhead all agency security matters including information security, confidentiality, privacy and regulatory compliant; and
  • appoint an employee to represent the agency on the Cybersecurity Advisory Committee (CAC)