RFP 2024-01 Update

January 05, 2024

The NH Department of Information Technology (DOIT) in partnership with NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) received a total of 16 vendor proposals in response to DOIT RFP 2024-01 – Cybersecurity Improvement Services for New Hampshire Local Entities as of December 1st, 2023.  

Scoring and Results

The Overwatch Foundation, a New Hampshire 503(c) Non-Profit, proposal was accepted by the selection committee, composed of Subject Matter and Program Experts from both DoIT and NHDES, on January 3, 2024.  

All responses were reviewed and certified complete based on the criteria detailed in RFP 2024-01.  Responses were then scored by individual selection committee members per the criteria and scoring detailed in RFP 2024-01 and below:

  • Methodology the vendor will use to assess the readiness of an entity to participate in the respective scope of work (Max 15 Points)
  • Methodology the vendor will use to develop a plan for the entity to complete the respective scope of work. (Max 10 Points)
  • Scope of services and technical solution the vendor will provide the eligible entity for the respective scope of work. (Max 30 Points)
  • Training that will be provided to the eligible entity. (Max 5 Points)
  • Ability of the proposal to optimize return on the cybersecurity investment for the respective scope of work. (Max 40 Points)

Final Rank and Scores

  1. Overwatch 351    
  2. AIS Network 275
  3. Red River 267
  4. Sikich 235
  5. CAI 225
  6. Zelvin Security 223
  7. Infosys Public Services 216
  8. Millenium Enterprise Corp (MEC) 213
  9. OxB2B 212
  10. Slalom 208
  11. Dynamic Systems 193
  12. I&C Secure 177
  13. Conducive Consulting 170
  14. CBTS 127
  15. Withum 121
  16. Certus Cybersecurity 118

Moving Forward

Please join us in congratulating the Overwatch Foundation, and let’s get to work improving the Cybersecurity Posture of Local Government Organizations and Community Drinking Water Systems across New Hampshire.

Read the accepted proposal.